Project description

The project revolves around biological methanation of synthesis gas from gasified woody biomass.
Lab scale tests with model gas, from gas bottles, will be done at the Q Power Oy’s laboratory in Finland. The synthesis gas composition will resemble the gas composition obtained in the WoodRoll® gasifier in Höganäs.
Q Power Oy’s pilot plant will be transported to Höganäs and operated with real synthesis gas.

Project goals

  • Obtain a volumetric efficiency of 10 litre of methane per litre reactor volume and day.
  • Obtain an electric consumption less than 0.02 kWh per kWh methane for the syngas fermentation.
  • Obtain complete conversion of CO (below detection limit)
  • Obtain a level of residual H2 in the final product of less than 2%

Project objectives

  • Enable commercialization of syngas fermentation by 2030 based on the WoodRoll® gasifier and Q Power’s solid state reactor for biological methanation.
  • Double the Swedish production of renewable methane within a time span of 15 years and contribute to an increased self-sufficiency.
  • Develop business models that, in addition to implementation in Sweden, provide the opportunity to export technology and know-how.

Project period
1 January 2023 – 31 December 2024

Syngas fermentation