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Visit at DTU

On the 21st September Jörgen Held, BEIC visited Associate Professor Ioannis V. Skiadas and Associated Professor Hariklia N. Gavala at Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark. The visit resulted in interesting discussions and a highly appreciated guided tour in the DTU laboratories.

Already in 2006 Ioannis and Hariklia started applying for public funding related to syngas fermentation. During the years they have developed a co-current trickle bed reactor able to convert syngas derived from gasification of woody biomass.

Ioannis V. Skiadas and Hariklia N. Gavala in front of the mobile pilot trickle bed reactor. The reactor has been used to demonstrate conversion of real syngas produced at the Danish Gas Technology Centre. Photo: Jörgen Held

Hariklia will give a presentation on the syngas fermentation activities at DTU at the SynFerm conference organised in collaboration with REGATEC 2024, 15-16 May in Lund, Sweden.

First TTDM meeting

On the 13th of September the first SynFerm Technology Transfer and Dissemination Multiplier (TTDM) meeting took place as an online event.

Representatives from the European Biogas Association, CIEMAT,  Institute for Biogas, Waste Management & Energy and Lithuanian Energy Institute listened to presentation from Biokraft International AB, Cortus Energy AB, Q Power Oy and Baltic Energy Innovation Centre (BEIC).

Ragnar Stare, Biokraft International AB gave a presentation on Biokraft’s activities and facilities.

Staffan Hellsén, Cortus Energy AB, gave a presentation on Cortus´ WoodRoll gasification technology.

Anni Alitalo, Q Power Oy, gave a presentation about Q Power’s biological methanation technology.

Jörgen Held gave a short introduction to the the SynFerm project

The TTDM group pointed out that syngas fermentation is not very well known or understood  by the public and nor by the biogas sector.
As a response to this need, the SynFerm project will organise two full sessions related to methanation and syngas fermentation in collaboration with REGATEC 2024, 15-16 May in Lund, Sweden.

Visit at Q Power Oy

On the 8th of June, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels and BEIC visited Q Power Oy in Pargas, Finland.

Q Power Oy is a technology provider of biological methanation and responsible for the lab scale tests and providing a mobile pilot plant to be installed at the Cortus’ site in Höganäs, within the SynFerm project.

From left: Jörgen Held, BEIC, Ragnar Stare, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels and Marko Niskanen, Q Power Oy in front of the mobile pilot plant.
Photo: Anni Alitalo, Q Power Oy